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Oxy Eos (Solar Oil Energy) offers the realization and management of olive grove plants embedded in a solid supply chain contract with Olio Dante S.p.a. to investors who need to implement authorized inter-row agrivoltaic systems.

Who We Are

Oxy Eos is an initiative promoted by Oxy Capital, a Private Equity Investment Firm active in the solar energy and agricultural management sectors. We successfully manage 2,000 hectares of intensive and super-intensive olive groves in Portugal, under the Rabadoa brand. In our portfolio, we boast leading historical companies in sectors such as solar energy like Enertronica Santerno, and in the oil sector like Olio Dante, one of the main international players in the oil agri-food chain. In collaboration with Olio Dante S.p.a., we aim to establish a solid partnership to create a supply chain of 100% Italian oil, integrated and traceable. This project is part of our commitment to offer sustainable and high-quality solutions in the agricultural and energy sectors.

Who Are Our Partners

  • Oxy Capital Advisors S.r.l., Private Equity Investment Firm with solid experience in agricultural management and solar energy sector.
  • Agape S.r.l., part of the Progetto Verde group, has designed and developed over 35 major projects in the energy sector, with a total capacity of 1,000 MW.
  • Oasis S.r.l., part of the Aedes group, has a long history of success in electrical and mechanical engineering and energy efficiency.

Our Proposal

  • Sustainable Agricultural Production: We implement authorized inter-row olive grove plants, integrating advanced agricultural practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability.
  • Responsible Solar Energy: We use renewable and sustainable energy sources to develop innovative solutions that ensure reliable and responsible solar energy over time.


We integrate the photovoltaic system with a super-intensive cultivation of a double row of olives, following all cultivation and harvesting phases for thirty years. We insert a mitigation band that integrates the photovoltaic field with the surrounding landscape using typical and distinctive species of the territory. Beekeeping enriches the project, increasing its income-generating capacity and enhancing environmental benefits.

Why Choose Oxy Eos

  • Experience and Reliability: With our consolidated experience in the agricultural and solar sectors, we guarantee excellence and reliability at every stage of the process. We invest independently, ensuring production over time and with high-quality standards.
  • Technological Innovation: We use cutting-edge technologies to guarantee maximum efficiency and sustainability of our plants.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: We are committed to ensuring environmental protection and sustainability of our activities, adhering to rigorous quality and safety standards.

We have projects for over 1,000,000 olive trees, and we are ready to realize your project too. Contact us to build a more sustainable and prosperous future together. Thank you for your interest in Oxy Eos – Solar Oil Energy.

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